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Stevia is a sort of sweetener made from the herb in the sunflower family. Though it has been commonly used in South America for many years, it is presently gaining popularity in the U.S.A. It was first vended in the United States as a herbal supplement, though after much dispute, it was not long ago approved as a food product. To some extent because of the debate that took place around the herb while it was undergoing FDA approval, multiple men and women are interested if it in practice has negative side effects.

There are 4 usually disclosed stevia warnings:

  • Certain users have informed about numbness, still this is not a long-lasting symptom.
  • Some utilizers of the sweetener have reported temperate muscle pains after consumption.
  • Some clients have told about feelings of nausea or mild bloating after taking the product. In conjunction with those side effects, some customers experience gas as well.
  • Vertigo has been described by some stevia utilizers, still it does not appear to last long.

Such side effects don't appear to last long and cause just small inconvenience. Stevia also brings down blood pressure in some populations, accordingly it should not be taken by individuals with low blood pressure.

We need to note that stevia has been appointed as a safe product.

There are some few ways in which you will want to consume Stevia. Above all you should know that Stevia is truly sweet. Just half a teaspoon of stevia is equivalent to one cup of sugar. Stevia can be added to different other sweeteners, for instance honey, to expand its sweetening power with diminutive amounts. Stevia is simultaneously a "taste intensifier" and effects good on fruit dishes, dairy products, salads and vegetables. Persons can add stevia to coffee, soft drinks, pudding, tea, shakes, water ice.

There are a lot of other ways in which one can use stevia. You can utilize whole stevia leaf to add to teas for sweetening or even make tea. People can in addition use the leaves when trying to quit drinking or smoking. Men and women have thereunto used stevia as a mouth wash for it can help inhibit plaque. Stevia also works good topically as a mask constituent because it may help to tighten the skin. You can try the leaves for an indigestion. Some men and women have used stevia for the treatment of bleeding gums.

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